aegina-pure UVC LED water purifier product photoAegina is the The World’s First and only CLASS A water purifier.

Aegina uses the latest sophisticated Earth friendly UVC LED technology, evolved from over 30 years experience of providing LED solutions to some of the worlds largest and most technically demanding customers.

Aegina eliminates viruses, germs, bugs and other nasties producing drinking water that is pure, safe and independently tested to meet NSF 55 Class A standard.

Class A systems are superior as they produce a much higher level of purification whilst using water that is of lower quality than drinking water.

To pass the Class A test our system proved that  it used “ultraviolet light to inactivate or kill bacteria, viruses and cysts in contaminated water” whereas the Class B system will only “reduce the amount of non-disease-causing bacteria in disinfected drinking water”.

It makes Aegina the most powerful water purification unit on the market using without the use of harmful Mercury.

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