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Water for Off Grid Living

Have you ever thought about living completely off-grid with no reliance on public utilities?

Since Covid-19 more people have had a rethink about their lifestyles. Some people have made small changes with more of a work/life balance, whilst some have relocated out of city centres to more remote areas with outside space, even growing their own vegetables and becoming more self-sufficient.

Working from home has also become a new normal for some, allowing them to ditch the car as they stay closer to home. Then there are others who have completely upped sticks and embraced the full off grid life. It is not to be underestimated and comes with many challenges. It is certainly not for the feint hearted and can be quite costly to get set up. Therefore, it is important to make some considered purchases in the beginning. By doing this, you could in the long run save thousands of pounds and happily live a more simple, less complicated sustainable life.

Off Grid Eco homes these days can rival any property, but to make sure they are completely self-sufficient, you need to cover the basics: Water, Food and Shelter.

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Harvesting rainwater

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is about water.

With Aegina you can make that choice a simple one.

Water after all is the most important factor to consider as you need it for everything. Drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning and to water gardens.

Rainwater is not as pure as you think. So harvested rainwater after it falls from the sky into your storage containers, would still need treating. Especially if it has run off another surface like a rooftop before filling up your container.

Rainwater may travel across many different surfaces before reaching your container. This surface water may have picked up germs from animal faecal matter and trace chemicals from agriculture or industry, which can then remain in the water. In addition to this, pollutants in the air from traffic, farming and factories contribute to the chemicals that can dissolve into water as it is falling. In more densely populated areas, the levels of pollution are likely to be more severe.

Bacteria in stored water?


After the water is collected, you will need to consider how long your water is stored for so it doesn’t turn into a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.

This is where Aegina can help.

Aegina is a compact, low maintenance, low powered unit that can be run off a battery which is installed at point of use. It won’t matter how long your water has been stored for as Aegina will treat the water as you use it.

The intelligent UV LED technology doses the water with the optimal amount of UV light, this then affects the wall of the pathogen’s cells causing irreversible damage of which the cells cannot recover from. They are rendered ineffective, and the water is safe for consumption. Aegina sterilises your drinking water to the NSF 55 specification to 99.99% purity.

Therefore, for any off grid living whether that be a Boat, Canal Boat, RV or on a remote mountainside, if you are you are harvesting your rainwater or collecting it from where the source is unknown, Aegina can ensure that you will always have safe drinking water to a Class A standard at the turn of a tap.


Off grid water storage tanks

“Having Aegina on board our campervan gave us total peace of mind whilst travelling in the Balkans. Clean drinking water is an absolute must, and it made such a difference to our vanlife experience not having to think about our water source. The water flow rate was great and the unit was super easy to install, we really can’t fault it.”

Rachel Harding
Campervan BamBam

How Aegina Compares to other water purification systems



Other UVC LED Brands

Carbon Filters

Class A NSF/ANSI 55 Approvedtick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Class B NSF/ANSI 55 Approvedtick icon - Yestick icon - YesCross icon - no
Maintainabletick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Simple to install, no special skills requiredtick icon - Yestick icon - Yestick icon - Yes
Lifetime of servicetick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Class A purified water guaranteedtick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Built in fail-safe features to protect user from UVC light exposure.tick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
24 Month Warrantytick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Robust UVC LED with life expectancy of bulbs 4+ years based on average usagetick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Available in variety of different flow rates.tick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Environmentally sealed against the most challenging elements – eg. salt corrosiontick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Intelligent – Communicates to other devicestick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Low power consumptiontick icon - Yestick icon - Yestick icon - Yes
Can run on a battery or solar & easily switches betweentick icon - Yestick icon - YesCross icon - no

Off-Grid Water Systems

How to Ensure Clean and Safe Water Supply with Aegina

As more and more people are looking for self-sufficiency and independence, off-grid living is becoming increasingly popular. While it may sound idyllic to be off the grid, it does come with its own challenges, one of which is ensuring a clean and safe water supply. Aegina Pure offers a solution with its UVC LED Class A Water Purification System, perfect for off-grid living.

Why is Off-Grid Water Supply Important?

Off-grid water supply is critical because it provides independence from public water systems, which may not be available in remote areas or during emergencies. It also allows you to have control over your water quality and supply, which is particularly important for those who value self-sufficiency. With Aegina Pure’s UVC LED Class A Water Purification System, you can ensure that your water is always safe and pure to drink.

Designing Your Off-Grid Water System with Aegina Pure

Designing an off-grid water system can be a challenging task, but with Aegina Pure’s UVC LED Class A Water Purification System, it becomes easier. Here are the key factors to consider:

The first step in designing an off-grid water system is to identify a reliable water source. This can be a well, spring, or surface water source, such as a lake or river. The Aegina Pure UVC LED Class A Water Purification System can be installed anywhere you need to treat water, including cabins, huts, RVs, and of course, canalboats and narrowboats. This system allows you to collect and purify water from any source, providing safe and pure drinking water wherever you go.

Once you have identified a water source, you will need to treat the water to ensure that it is safe to drink. The Aegina Pure UVC LED Class A Water Purification System uses advanced technology to effectively purify your water, removing harmful bacteria and viruses, ensuring that it is safe to drink.

Water storage is an essential component of an off-grid water system, as it ensures a reliable water supply during times of low water flow or system maintenance. Aegina Pure offers water storage solutions to complement their water purification system, ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply.

Water distribution involves getting the water from the storage tank to your home or property. The distribution system should be designed to minimize energy usage and ensure a steady water supply. Aegina Pure’s water storage solutions are designed to be easy to use and can be integrated seamlessly into your off-grid water system.

Proper maintenance of your off-grid water system is essential to ensure a steady and reliable supply of clean water. Aegina Pure offers ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your water purification system operates efficiently and effectively.

Regular testing of your water quality is essential to ensure that it is safe to drink. Aegina Pure offers water testing services to ensure that your water is always safe and pure.

Regular maintenance of your off-grid water system will help extend its lifespan and ensure that it operates efficiently. Aegina Pure offers maintenance services to ensure that your water purification system continues to operate effectively.

Off-grid living can be a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle, but it does come with its own unique challenges. Designing and maintaining an off-grid water system is essential to ensure a steady and reliable supply of clean water. With Aegina Pure’s UVC LED Class A Water Purification System and complementary services.

That’s where Aegina comes in. Our UVC LED Class A Water Purification system can be installed onto your canalboat or narrowboat, allowing you to connect your water tank and collect canal and river water. After a water filtration process, the Aegina-Pure UVC LED Water Purification System will then purify your water for you to drink, ensuring that it’s safe and clean.

Not only is the Aegina-Pure system a crucial component of any off-grid water system, but it also offers several benefits. First and foremost, it provides peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are drinking safe and pure water. Additionally, it can save you money by reducing your reliance on bottled water or other water purification systems.

At Aegina, we understand the unique challenges of off-grid living, and we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to ensure clean and safe water supply. Our UVC LED Class A Water Purification system is the most important part of having pure drinking water for off-grid living. Whether you’re living on a canalboat, narrowboat, or other off-grid property, we have the expertise and experience to design a water system that meets your unique needs.


showing heart and droplet Pure Safe Water

UV LED technology eliminates viruses and bacteria giving you 99.99% pure drinking water. Biologically tested to NSF 55 specification – Class A and WHO 2018.

icons for superior-quality Superior Quality

Aegina has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK with over 30 years experience in LED solutions.

intelligent pure water system Intelligent

Optimises UVC LED power, is instant, safe and consistently monitors performance.

Kind to the Earth & Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Aegina has low energy consumption compared to other technologies – 12/24/120/240 Volts.

Icon for 24 month-warranty24 Month Warranty

All our units are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.


Aegina Pure Water PurificationKeeps you healthy – treats your water against harmful bacteria and viruses that may live and multiply in your water source, in an instant.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationNo specialist trades needed – simple installation,
no special tools or knowledge required.

Icon-for-Aegina-Pure-Water-PurificationSaves money – low energy unit can be powered
by battery, wind, solar or mains supply.

Aegina-Pure-Water-PurificationSaves time – easy and minimal maintenance when required throughout its long life.

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Earth Kind – helping free the Earth from its reliance on plastic bottles.

Aegina is compact, ruggedised and simple to install

Aegina provides pure water whenever and  wherever!

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