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Air and Surface disinfection

Tailored UV LED Solutions for Air and Surface Sterilisation

In the dynamic landscape of air and surface treatments, ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have emerged as a revolutionary technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility.

PRP Optoelectronics stands at the forefront of innovation, with a rich history we are one of the leading players in the optoelectronics and micro LEDs with over 35 years’ experience. We have a reputation for excellence in designing and manufacturing high-performance bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements.

Understanding UV LED Technology

UV LEDs utilise semiconductor materials to emit ultraviolet light when an electric current passes through them. The wavelength of the emitted UV light determines its applicability in various air and surface treatment processes. PRP Optoelectronics can offer a diverse range of UV LEDs across the UVA, UVB, and UVC spectra, enabling precise customisation to suit your requirements.

Engineered Solutions

This is where we distinguishes ourselves through meticulous design processes, ensuring that each UV LED solution can be engineered to meet the unique requirements of air and surface treatment applications.

The design phase involves close collaboration with clients to understand their specific needs, taking into consideration factors such as wavelength, irradiance, and form factor.

This includes understanding the nature of contaminants targeted, treatment duration, and environmental conditions.

Precision Blue microLED 10 microns high magnification

Development Excellence

The development phase is a testament to PRP Optoelectronics’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of UV LED technology. With a team of experienced engineers, the company ensures that each UV LED meets stringent quality standards. The manufacturing process is closely monitored through rigorous quality control protocols. Random sampling, performance testing, and visual inspections are conducted at various stages to identify and rectify any deviations from specifications.

We also have the capability to scale production according to the volume requirements of clients, ensuring timely delivery of customised UV LED solutions.

Applications of Custom UV LED Solutions

PRP Optoelectronics’ UV LED solutions find application across a diverse range of air and surface treatment scenarios. Some key areas include:

Medical Applications

Customised UV LED solutions are used in medical applications such as phototherapy for skin conditions, ensuring precise wavelength delivery.

Water and Air Purification

UV LEDs are utilised for disinfection and purification of water and air in residential, industrial, and healthcare settings.

Surface Disinfection

UV LED solutions are employed to disinfect surfaces in hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities, and public spaces, contributing to enhanced hygiene standards.

Collaborative Approach and Customer Support

PRP Optoelectronics distinguishes itself through its collaborative approach with clients. The company values open communication and feedback, fostering a partnership that goes beyond the transaction. Additionally, PRP Optoelectronics provides comprehensive customer support.