Icon For Aegina-Pure - LED UVC Intelligent Water Purification Technology

Pure Water for Medical Facilities

Sterile water for clean rooms and irrigation

Aegina is the first UV LED water purification unit that meets NSF 55 Class A standards. The unit can be engineered to exceed the NSF 55 specification and produce purified water to more than 99.99% to meet the most stringent requirements needed in your environments.


Aegina-Pure Icon showing heart and droplet for pure safe waterPure Safe Water

UV LED technology eliminates viruses and bacteria giving you 99.99% pure drinking water. Biologically tested to NSF 55 specification – Class A and WHO 2019.

icons for superior-quality Aegina water purification Superior Quality

Aegina has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK with over 30 years experience in LED solutions.

Aegina-Pure Icon showing i intelligent pure water system Intelligent

Optimises UVC LED power, is instant, safe and consistently monitors performance.

Aegina-Pure Icon showing an Earth with hands for Kind to the Earth & Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Aegina has low energy consumption compared to other technologies – 12/24/120/240 Volts.

Icon for 24 month-warranty on Aegina water purification system24 Month Warranty

All our units are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.


Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationKeeps you healthy – treats your water against harmful bacteria and viruses that may live and multiply in your water source, in an instant.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationNo specialist trades needed – simple installation,
no special tools or knowledge required.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationSaves money – low energy unit can be powered
by battery, wind, solar or mains supply.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationSaves time – easy and minimal maintenance when required throughout its long life.

Aegina-Pure Water benefits icon

Earth Kind – helping free the Earth from its reliance on plastic bottles.


Mercury free, UV LED technology of superior quality giving Class A water.

No need to use plastic water bottles or chemical purifiers

Energy efficient and can use solar or wind powered systems

Saves money and is kind to the Earth