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Class A UV LED Water Purification

Reasons why Aegina is Safe to use

Aegina has been designed ensuring that all aspects of safety have been considered. The device is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and has been tested independently to ensure your safety. Aegina is the only UV LED water purification unit that delivers to NSF 55 Class A standard.

Class ‘A’ The highest Quality …

Class A systems are superior as they produce a much higher level of purification whilst using water that is of lower quality than drinking water.

To pass the Class A test our system proved that  it used “ultraviolet light to inactivate or kill bacteria, viruses and cysts in contaminated water” whereas the Class B system will only “reduce the amount of non-disease-causing bacteria in disinfected drinking water”.

Class A

Class A POE and POU systems covered by this Standard are designed to be used for treating microbiologically unsafe water, but do not reduce chemical or inert particulate contaminants. Systems covered in this Standard are designed to inactivate microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, Cryptosporidiumoocysts, and Giardia cysts, from water. Systems covered by this Standard are not intended for the treatment of water that has an obvious contamination or intentional source, such as raw sewage, nor are systems intended to convert wastewater to drinking water. The systems are intended to be installed on visually clear water (not colored, cloudy, or turbid). Systems with manufacturer claims that include components or functions covered under other NSF or NSF/ANSI Standards or Criteria shall conform to the applicable requirements therein.”

Class B

Class B POE and POU systems covered by this Standard are designed to be used for supplemental bactericidal treatment for the inactivation of microorganisms that may be present in drinking water(public or private) considered to be microbiologically safe and of known quality. Systems covered under this Standard are intended to inactivate normally occurring nonpathogenic nuisance microorganisms only.

Description from NSF ANSI 55 2019

“This Standard covers UV microbiological water treatment systems and components for point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) applications. This Standard covers systems which use UV radiation within the range of 240 nm to 300 nm inclusive. Systems are intended to be used under the following specific conditions.”

Aegina has been independently test by QFT LABORATORY, LLC. EPA ID # NJ01298 IAPMO ID# 000102 NJDEP ID # 08021 ANAB Cert ID AT-2866

Aegina has been independently tested to the standards of NSF 55 2019

by QFT Laboratory, LCC

EPA ID # NJ01298 IAPMO ID# 000102

NJDEP ID # 08021

ANAB Cert ID AT-2866

CLASS A LED water purification classification for Aegina

Aegina has been independently test by QFT LABORATORY, LLC.

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Safe from Pathogens

Safe from germs

Aegina has been scientifically proven to kill even the toughest of germs including Clostridium difficile, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and a whole lot more. The Ultraviolet LED light quickly damages the delicate shape of the proteins in the cell walls of the pathogens which render them harmless.

What are Pathogens?

Pathogens are microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses algae and parasites that can cause disease. Pathogens can survive in all kinds of environments and can live in lakes, ponds, rivers and even in water tanks. They have been responsible for illness and even death.

100% Safe

Aegina is designed to put safety first. We have ensured that any tampering of the device would cause the unit to disable so the user will not be exposed to the UV light.

UV light can be very damaging to human cells including the eyes and skin so we have ensured that there will be no exposure to humans, only the water in the device, so it is 100% safe to use.

Ultraviolet Technology has been around for many years as a water disinfection process and is one of the fastest growing water treatment methods. However, older treatment methods of producing the UV light using mercury lamps are expensive to run and bad for the environment.

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How Aegina Compares to other water purification systems



Other UVC LED Brands

Carbon Filters

Class A NSF/ANSI 55 Approvedtick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Class B NSF/ANSI 55 Approvedtick icon - Yestick icon - YesCross icon - no
Maintainabletick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Simple to install, no special skills requiredtick icon - Yestick icon - Yestick icon - Yes
Lifetime of servicetick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Class A purified water guaranteedtick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Built in fail-safe features to protect user from UVC light exposure.tick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
24 Month Warrantytick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Robust UVC LED with life expectancy of bulbs 4+ years based on average usagetick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Available in variety of different flow rates.tick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Environmentally sealed against the most challenging elements – eg. salt corrosiontick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Intelligent – Communicates to other devicestick icon - YesCross icon - noCross icon - no
Low power consumptiontick icon - Yestick icon - Yestick icon - Yes
Can run on a battery or solar & easily switches betweentick icon - Yestick icon - YesCross icon - no

Aegina is compact, ruggedised and simple to install

Aegina provides pure water whenever and  wherever!

Boats & Yachts

Hotels & Leisure

Motor Homes RVs

Medical facilities

Homes & Offices

Emergency Aid


showing heart and droplet Pure Safe Water

UV LED technology eliminates viruses and bacteria giving you 99.99% pure drinking water. Biologically tested to NSF 55 specification – Class A and WHO 2018.

icons for superior-quality Superior Quality

Aegina has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK with over 30 years experience in LED solutions.

intelligent pure water system Intelligent

Optimises UVC LED power, is instant, safe and consistently monitors performance.

Kind to the Earth & Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Aegina has low energy consumption compared to other technologies – 12/24/120/240 Volts.

Icon for 24 month-warranty24 Month Warranty

All our units are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.


Aegina Pure Water PurificationKeeps you healthy – treats your water against harmful bacteria and viruses that may live and multiply in your water source, in an instant.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationNo specialist trades needed – simple installation,
no special tools or knowledge required.

Icon-for-Aegina-Pure-Water-PurificationSaves money – low energy unit can be powered
by battery, wind, solar or mains supply.

Aegina-Pure-Water-PurificationSaves time – easy and minimal maintenance when required throughout its long life.

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Earth Kind – helping free the Earth from its reliance on plastic bottles.