No Professional fitting required

John Paice recently fitted an Aegina UV LED unit into his canal boat which has proven to be a game-changer for John and his boating adventures.

Thanks to its compact design, integrating the Aegina unit into his vessel’s water system was a breeze. No professional assistance was required and John seamlessly incorporated the unit into his onboard water system ensuring optimal placement – at POU for maximum efficiency.

Safe Drinking Water

One of the most significant benefits John has experienced is the unit’s unparalleled ability to purify his onboard water supply. As he negotiates various water sources along the canal, potential contaminants are a constant concern. However, with the Aegina unit in place, he can relax and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that harmful bacteria and pathogens are eliminated, providing clean, safe water at all times.

This purification capability has had a profound impact on his overall boating experience. John no longer needs to worry over the quality of the water he consumes or use for daily activities, allowing him to savour the beauty of his surroundings without any worries. Whether he’s cooking, showering, or simply hydrating on deck, the Aegina UV LED unit ensures that his water is consistently pure and refreshing.

Energy Efficient

Furthermore, the unit’s energy-efficient LED technology has been a game-changer for John and Sarah’s lifestyle aboard their canal boat. With limited power sources onboard, optimizing energy consumption is crucial. The Aegina unit excels in this regard, requiring minimal power while delivering maximum purification results. This not only preserves the battery reserves for other essential functions but also reduces the environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with his commitment to sustainable boating practices.

In summary, the Aegina UV LED unit has become an indispensable addition to John’s canal boat, revolutionizing the way he interacts with his onboard water supply. Aegina’s seamless integration, powerful purification capabilities, and energy-efficient design have significantly enhanced his boating experience, allowing him to navigate the waterways with confidence and peace of mind, grateful for the convenience and reassurance that the Aegina unit provides, making every journey enjoyable and worry-free.

John’s words:

” I bought my Aegina water purifier for my live aboard narrowboat 2 years ago.  I finally fitted it and am truly amazed by the improvement in the taste of my drinking water.

I would recommend buying and fitting one” – John Paice (2024)