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24 Month Warranty

Aegina comes with an automatic 24 Month Warranty


We at PRP Optoelectronics Ltd warrant the Aegina unit supplied to you for 24 months from the date of purchase, subject to full payment for the goods having been made.

As such we warrant that we will rectify or replace any part of the Aegina unit hardware or software that is faulty due to the quality of the materials or the standard of workmanship being insufficient for the Aegina unit to be fit for purpose.

We will not include within our warranty for any damage due to miss use, improper handling or any modifications made. No modifications may be performed on the product which would alter its as-delivered condition.

We will not accept any liability for consequential loss under this warranty.

We expect reasonable care to be taken by the customer to maintain the Aegina unit in accordance with care and maintenance instructions, during the lifetime of the warranty and thereafter.

This warranty is in addition to any rights the customer may have under the sales of goods act or English law and is offered in total.

The company reserves the right to charge for any repairs or replacements required by the customer that are not due to any failure on the part of the company

The warranty is fulfilled following a decision by us as to whether the product or the faulty components of the product should be repaired in one of our locations or replaced by an identical product. The design and properties of product replacements may deviate slightly but not unreasonably from the original product due to technical advancement.

Warranty does not cover all ancillary costs incurred in connection with remedy of the repair (such as mounting and dismantling, transport of the faulty and repaired / new product, disposal, travel and transit time)


Wherever you roam, you’ll have Class A clean, safe drinking water.

Small & compact, Aegina travels with you and can be powered by battery, solar or wind.

Aegina saves you time and money so you can explore longer and further.

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Aegina warranty 24 Months
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