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Pure Water for Off Grid Living

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Off Grid living can be challenging for several reasons but having safe water is to drink is fundamental to life. In remote areas locating near a natural water source such as a river, stream, spring or well is advantageous, but sometimes you may need to harvest run off, ground or surface water. However you source your water, it will need to be stored in tanks, but this in itself can cause a problem. Bacteria, pathogens and other microorganisms can multiply inside the tank, but by installing Aegina before your water outlet you can now be confident that no matter where or how long the water has been stored for, you will receive Class A pure water in every drop.

Aegina is the only independently tested Class A UVC LED water purification unit on the market that can deliver instant pure water wherever you are. With outputs of 3, 6, 12 and 18 litres per minute there is a unit suitable for most demands. With such low power consumption Aegina can be powered off a 12/24v battery, wind, solar or mains power. As Aegina only uses power whilst it’s in operation it will not need a continual supply and is instant on/off, it is an eco-friendly solution to a sustainable way of life.



Aegina-Pure Icon showing heart and droplet for pure safe waterPure Safe Water

Powerful UVC LED technology eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

icons for superior-quality Aegina water purification Superior Quality

Aegina has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.

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Optimises UVC LED power, is instant, safe and consistently monitors performance.

Aegina-Pure Icon showing an Earth with hands for Kind to the Earth & Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Aegina has low energy consumption compared to other technologies.

Icon for 24 month-warranty on Aegina water purification system24 Month Warranty

All our machines are covered by an automatic 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.


Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationKeeps your water safe from harmful bacteria and viruses that may live and multiply in your water source.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationSimple installation no special tools or knowledge required.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationLow energy device can be powered by battery, solar or mains supply.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationEasily maintainable when required throughout its life.

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Earth kind helping free the Earth from its reliance on plastic bottles. Our products are manufactured from materials that are recyclable.