Aegina Stand

Aegina Water UV purification stand at The Green Tech Boat Show

We had an amazing weekend at Queen Anne’s Battery in Plymouth at The Green Tech Boat Show, it was great to meet with so many exhibitors and visitors, luckily the weather held off for a great event!

We were very pleased at how people responded to Aegina once they understood the technology and capabilities of the unit.  With it’s compact size, low power usage they could see how it would solve a lot of on board issues with water whilst helping eliminate the need of  single use plastic bottles and the waste.

Drinking water is fundamental to any journey, upon speaking with boat owners most of them did not drink the water that was stored in their tanks and used it for cleaning and hygiene, they just did not trust it for consumption.  Their main concern was not trusting the water filled up from dockside and with the water often being stored in the tanks for long periods as it could be open to contamination of bacteria, viruses and cysts.  It’s not always possible to completely drain down and clean the tank before every journey.

By using Aegina at point of use (POU), it uses its intelligent UVC LED technology to instantly deliver 99.99% pure, clean drinking water that is to NSF 55 Class A Standards on stored and water from unknown sources.

UV Water Purification with LED  

Aegina treats the biological load that is in the water.  The UVC LED light is directed at the flow of water and uses a specific wavelength of light which changes the structure of the viruses and bacteria, this light affects the wall of the pathogen’s cells causing irreversible damage to the DNA and RNA.  Our units constantly monitor the flow of water and always ensure that the optimal dosing is applied.  Aegina is available in 3, 6, 12 & 18 litres per minute units.

UVC Technology has been around for a long time for water disinfection and is a fast growing water treatment.  Older methods of producing the UVC light with mercury lamps is effective for large quantities of water treatment but needs a warm up time so is not instant, the units are usually quite big and are extremely power hungry – all the things that are not ideal onboard a yacht/boat where space is a premium and they are not environmentally friendly.

Also what we found is that people could also see the benefits of Aegina and how it can be used for many other applications as well, such as in their homes, caravans and off-grid living.  With so many innovative ‘greener options’ on display at The Green Tech Boat Show we were proud to have been a part of it and to be able to offer a ‘lifetime’ solution that would allow users to dramatically reduce or eliminate the need to carry single use plastic and reduce their carbon footprint.