Environmental Pollution
Green and blue plastic bottles

If only a quarter of the world’s population bought just one bottle of water in a day, that would be approximately 1.9 BILLION plastic bottles.  We know that nearly 90% of that will end up in landfill, harm wildlife, and our oceans – that’s just in ONE DAY!!

We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves, our children, and the environment of which we live in.  The choices we are making will affect generations to come, so we must take positive action now to protect the future.

Why do we buy bottled water?  In the UK we are lucky enough to have a very good water system and it is considered safe to drink, although it is always at risk to contamination so some people still do not trust their supply. Others, just prefer the taste or they think it sends out a message that they care about their health when really it’s probably more to do with the clever marketing of the bottled water brands.

Unfortunately, there are some parts of the world where the drinking water is not safe to drink – so there is a genuine need to have bottled water, it’s still a lot of plastic to deliver this basic need – and are we giving any thought to where this plastic waste really ends up and what we can do about it?

Varying reports state that roughly only 9% of plastic is recycled meaning the rest of it ends up in landfill or our natural environment.  Plastic can take over 400 years to degrade so although we want to leave a legacy behind – do we really want it to be our rubbish?

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in our oceans than fish, this is an alarming statement and everything we can do to cut down on the need for single use plastic should be a priority, products are only supplied if there is a demand – so if we reduce our demand for bottled water then production will naturally have to reduce.

Every 15 years our demand for plastic has roughly doubled, overtaking every other man-made product, however unlike steel that we produce used in construction, at least that has decades of life span whereas half of all plastic becomes rubbish with the year of it’s production.

Aegina provides an environmentally friendly solution using UVC LED technology and can eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles but still offering you NSF 55 Class A water that is 99.99% safe  – wherever you are, for a lifetime.  We have considered every detail of the design of Aegina selecting materials that can be recycled and reused whilst meeting the highest safety standards, more than 90% of our product is recyclable.

Aegina can even treat surface water, providing the water is clear Aegina will eliminate all bacteria, viruses and pathogens making it completely safe to drink in an instant, all without having to use any taste altering chemicals.  As Aegina uses such little power it can effectively be powered by solar or wind, so you can be in the most remote of locations but still have access to safe drinking water without having to carry a supply with you.  This is a simple cost-effective choice with massive environmental and health benefits.

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