Making Life Better

The picture shows a young girl holding out a glass of fresh cleansed pure drinking water

Drinking water is vital for our general health and wellbeing – but are you drinking enough?  Do you have a trusted water source?  Could your water ever get contaminated before it reaches you?  Do you rely on expensive bottled water?

With aegina-pure you can be sure that every drop delivered is safe and pure at the turn of a tap, our units are suitable for many applications so could be used wherever you are!

There are many different methods used in cleaning water to make it safe for human consumption, this can be costly, time consuming and power hungry.  Aegina-pure can be run off of solar or battery power as it uses that little.

Below are just some of the benefits of having a source of Class A water that you can totally trust.  The UVC LED technology eliminates any germs, viruses or pathogens that may be in your water on demand.  Let us keep you and your family safe and hydrated with pure water that has been independently tested to the highest possible standards.

7 Reasons why we all Benefit from Safe Drinking Water

Apart from becoming incredibly ill from drinking water that has been compromised here are just 7 reasons why we all benefit from safe drinking water:

  1. Skin – It is important that we drink enough water to maintain healthy skin. This helps to replenish and moisturise skin tissues, therefore reducing premature wrinkling. Water keeps our cells hydrated by plumping them up making your face look more youthful, it also flushes out impurities and improves blood flow and circulation brightening our complexion. It is recommended that the average adult should consume around 84 fl oz (5.25 pints) per day.
  2. Oxygen – As blood is 90% water it carries oxygen around the body and to all our vital organs.  A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker; increasing blood pressure.
  3. Joint Care – Cartilage found in your joints and the disks in your spine contain approximately 80% water, long term dehydration can reduce the joints shock absorbing ability resulting in joint pain.
  4. Brain – If our water levels are too low our brain cells cannot function properly which can lead to cognitive problems such as lack of concentration and fatigue.  By remaining sufficiently hydrated it not only helps keeping us focused but improves our mood, memory, relieves headaches and reduces stress.
  5. Weight – Topping up with water is an effective calorie free appetite suppressant allowing us to feel fuller whilst eating less.  Surprisingly drinking more water helps prevent water retention as your body will not try to retain water if it is not getting enough.
  6. Detoxifying – Water allows the swift exit of the waste products and toxins out of our bodies; this process only works efficiently if you keep well hydrated.  By us not drinking enough it could led to the risk of developing kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
  7. Temperature Regulation – Water can help regulate our body temperature. Blood which is made largely of water helps move heat away from our extremities and towards our vital organs when we are too cold, but when we are too hot it transports heat away by way of sweat.

Aegina-Pure        Making Life Better

Aegina is the world’s only Class A water purifier using Earth friendly, UVC LED technology.

Evolved from over 30 years experience of providing LED solutions to some of the worlds largest and most technically demanding customers, Aegina eliminates viruses, germs, bugs and pathogens to produce cleansed drinking water that is pure and safe.

Aegina is 100% UV Safe and has been independently tested to the highest possible standards.

Not only will Aegina keep you and your family safe it can help reduce the amount of plastic used.  In excess of 90% of our product is recyclable. We make every effort to be Environmentally friendly and choose materials that can be recycled and reused.  We are committed to meeting the highest standards.