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Icon For Aegina-Pure - LED UVC Intelligent Water Purification Technology

Pure Drinking Water Wherever You Are

Aegina is the world’s only Class A UVC LED Water Purifier

With Aegina you can access clean, uncontaminated water in an instant wherever you are. No plastic bottles, taste-altering chemicals or mercury UV lamps. Just a constant supply of Class A drinking water. Aegina eliminates bacteria, viruses and nasties in your water. Environmentally friendly, fresh drinking water on demand you can totally trust. Pure water. Pure Freedom.


Aegina-Pure Icon showing heart and droplet for pure safe waterPure Safe Water

UV LED technology eliminates viruses and bacteria giving you 99.99% pure drinking water. Biologically tested to NSF 55 specification – Class A and WHO 2019.

icons for superior-quality Aegina water purification Superior Quality

Aegina has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK with over 30 years experience in LED solutions.

Aegina-Pure Icon showing i intelligent pure water system Intelligent

Optimises UVC LED power, is instant, safe and consistently monitors performance.

Aegina-Pure Icon showing an Earth with hands for Kind to the Earth & Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Aegina has low energy consumption compared to other technologies – 12/24/120/240 Volts.

Icon for 24 month-warranty on Aegina water purification system24 Month Warranty

All our units are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.


Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationKeeps you healthy – treats your water against harmful bacteria and viruses that may live and multiply in your water source, in an instant.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationNo specialist trades needed – simple installation,
no special tools or knowledge required.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationSaves money – low energy unit can be powered
by battery, wind, solar or mains supply.

Icon for Aegina Pure Water PurificationSaves time – easy and minimal maintenance when required throughout its long life.

Aegina-Pure Water benefits icon

Earth Kind – helping free the Earth from its reliance on plastic bottles.


As much as you want, when you want.

Class A Safe drinking water.

Simple to install, low maintenance and low running costs.

Saves you time and money!